Never a
Fleeting Notion.

Whether you have 10 vehicles or a fleet of 1,000,
B2B has the skill set and resources to successfully
manage the project. From scheduling simultaneous
installations to organizing shipping and warranty
information, we handle the dirty work. So you
don’t have to.



Our B2B Media project management team keeps track of your vehicle inventory and warranty information with an online database, updated weekly and available upon request. For a large project with installs across the United States and a variety of vehicle types, we will individually call each garage location to find those vehicles and schedule the installs. We communicate openly with the client's decision makers on the project and take the coordination out of your hands. We're efficient and willing to help out any way we can.


When coordinating the details for your project, we understand your fleet has use beyond branding. We'll work around your drivers' schedules and avoid your fleet's downtime at all costs. That's why our installation team will install your vehicle wrap when your business hours are over, working at night so your fleet branding is ready to go the next morning. We're flexible, efficient, and want to make your job easy.


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