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  • Chuck 97.7 FM Vehicle Wrap

    Some of our favorite wrap projects are those for local radio stations, the most recent being with COX Media Group’s newest station in Greenville, Chuck 97.7 FM. They’re usually some of the most outrageously eye catching wraps we do – spunky yet effective in communicating their brand. For Chuck, we actually rewrapped one of COX Media’s older HOT 98.1 Jeeps. The removal process went smoothly and at the end of the day, COX got their Chuck FM wrap with no interruptions to their promotional schedule. We urge you to tune in to Chuck for some Prince, Aerosmith, or even a little Dolly Parton (if you’re lucky). And speaking of “9 to 5”, be sure to catch their live stream

    With ChuckFM’s “commercial-free workday”, they offer the same thing that we do: no interruptions.


  • B2B Makes Cameo in Verizon Tampa Ads

    Yet again, B2B Media makes a cameo appearance on the big screen. Well, television screen, that is. First it was Gossip Girl in New York City. Next it was the Conan O'Brien show in Los Angeles. This time it's for Verizon FiOS in the state of Florida. These two commercials have been running since December, giving our FiOS vans some significant air time. 

    Just like the Gossip Girl appearance, our vans in these videos were part of B2B's largest promotional wrap project to date. After several television roles in only a few months, we anticipate being featured in a billion dollar Summer blockbuster pretty soon. Twilight who? If FiOS techs can conquer NYC and LA, vampires should be no problem at all.

  • Blink and You'll Miss It

    Our work has been known to paralyze the senses (in a good way) so do your best to ignore the creepy facial expression. What we really want you to see is the Verizon FiOS van in the background making its acting debut in a recent episode of Gossip Girl. This scene was shot in NYC and the van was part of B2B's largest promotional wrap project to date (Summer 2010). Hollywood, here we come.

  • A Saucy Marketing Approach

    There's great barbeque all across the United States, and here in the South we definitely have our opinions as to what great barbeque should be. So naturally our taste buds took notice when an opportunity to work with one of our favorite smoke houses became reality in late 2011. Vehicle wraps are currently in production for Dickey's Barbecue franchisees across the country and B2B is excited to help their new marketing campaign unfold. One hot example is this Honda CRV in Sparks, Nevada. Can't you smell what B2B is cookin'?


  • Run, Forest, Run!

    Forrest Gump’s best friend, Bubba, was from Bayou la Batrie, Alabama, and his mama cooked shrimp. Dan Forest’s newest companion, “Bubba1”, doesn’t offer much to the shrimpin' business but sure makes a bold statement on the roads and highways of North Carolina. And unlike Forrest Gump, Dan Forest won’t be riding this bus to school. He’s taking it around the Tarheel state campaigning in the 2012 Lt. Governor's race. We’re beaming with joy at the opportunity to be a part of his campaign and wish Dan the best of luck in November. Dan’s Facebook and Twitter profiles are already blowing up with sightings of Bubba1, check them out!


    <And in our best Tom Hanks/Forrest Gump accent> “That’s all we have to say about that.”

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