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  • Biggest Reasons to Wrap Your Vehicle

    It’s a cost-efficient way to advertise your brand.
    — Compared to other forms of advertising, vehicle wraps can last for 5 years or more and run at a significantly lower CPM than TV and radio spots. You pay for your wrap one time and that brand message carries on for as long as you want it to.

    2. Vehicle wraps add mobility to your brand.With vehicle wraps, you take your brand message to your customers. There’s no waiting for them to flip to your ad in a magazine or turn on their radio at the right time. Your brand is on the roads, the highways, and in the minds of your customers. See the stats here

    3. The sky’s the limit!When it comes to what brand message you want to communicate, there are no limitations! You can include what you want to include. Your vehicle wrap design can be simple or elaborate, sleek and subtle or bold and beautiful. There are no geographic restrictions with wraps (like you see with billboards), and price is consistent from market to market.

    4. Vehicle wraps create iconic impressionsThey’re unique and memorable. Whether your wrapped vehicle is parked in a neighborhood or driving on the roads, people will notice it. Vehicle advertising is said to generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions in a day. Now isn’t that impressive!

    5. It’s easy to change your advertising messageWe have created a product that allows for changeable messages to be incorporated into your vehicle wrap’s design. It’s called AdHere. Read about it and then see it in action.

  • VW Campaign Takes a Gamble

    Volkswagen recently introduced an out-of-the box marketing ploy which allows you to make bets on beetle races. Yes, the actual insects, racing around an intricately-designed racecourse. The new Bug Run website (which serves to promote their powerful ‘Beetle Turbo’ model) even details each bug’s name and attributes, high scores, and live video of the races. Don’t think we’ll be having any beetle races at B2B anytime soon, but we felt this was a good opportunity to reflect on a few VWs from our past (a much less creepier approach).

    See the AdWeek article here .

    And may the best bug win.  

  • It’s Friday. Need A Cold One?

    If you answered yes, then all you need to do is track down this freshly wrapped “mobile taproom” we completed for Highland Brewing Company! This Asheville-based brewery showcased their van last weekend at the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF), offering their year-round and seasonal brews to an influx of thirsty patrons. With summer quickly approaching, Highland couldn’t have picked a better time to get rolling. Plus, this past week was American Craft Brew Week! How appropriate! Keep an eye out for more Highland Brewing vehicles to come.

    For more info on Highland, upcoming events, and their unique beer selection, visit http://www.highlandbrewing.com. Or should you pass through Asheville, be sure to take a tour of the brewery and the new tap van! Just don’t forget ‘yer kilt.

  • Bojangles Southern 500: B2B Brings the Gravy

    Recently B2B teamed up with our good friends @ Erwin-Penland to develop the official pace car for the Bojangles Southern 500 at Darlington. This hot and spicy Camry will hit national airwaves this Saturday, 5/12 at 7:00PM on Fox. Prior to the big race, the pace car toured South Carolina, stopping at selected Bojangles’ locations for photo ops, prize drawings, and Bojangles’ giveaways. Speaking of racing, we’re gonna end this blog post now and race on over to Bojangles’ for some warm Bo-berry biscuits! Hold the gravy this time.
    For more information on the race and Pace Car Tour, visit the Bojangles’ website and Facebook page .


  • Wrap of the Century

    In conjuction with Bradshaw Automotive and the Greenville Hospital System, we knocked out this Sonic in a quick 48-hour period. The wrap is a part of a community-wide digital hunt around Greenville commemorating the hospital system’s Centennial Anniversary. Beginning this Friday, the hunt requires participants to visit locations around the city, scan QR codes, and win prizes in the process. Scanning the QR code on this vehicle wrap will send you here: www.gohuntscan.com and will allow you to join the in on the hunt.

    B2B will actually be celebrating our own Bicentennial Anniversary this coming January. Yes you heard right; we’ve been around for 200 years. Before QR codes. Before cars even existed. Back then, we had to walk uphill to work both ways…in the snow.

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