• Green Fleet: Verizon Rolls Out 25 ‘MAGIC’ Buses in NYC

    With the third largest commercial fleet in the U.S., Verizon realized the need to reduce their overall carbon footprint. As a part of their long-standing commitment to sustainability, they recently took an innovative approach to greening the streets of New York City: 25 ‘MAGIC’ buses –which B2B had the opportunity to provide vehicle wraps for! The ‘MAGIC’ bus fleet, which stands for Mobile Area Garage Installation Center, transports company technicians to and from job sites – removing some 250 technician trucks from the roads and freeing up parking spots all over. The bus program itself is being touted as “smarter, more efficient” and the “first of its kind”. For a full recap of the ‘MAGIC’ bus system, check out the article in Green Fleet Magazine (and watch the video below!).

  • Are you too hip?

    This FastCo.DESIGN article (and parody) on the recent vintage design trend adds some new perspective. Yes, this direction is very prevalent in the latest design magazines and advertising awards. Anyone with a MacBook Pro and dark framed glasses is already bored with it. But, when it boils down, clean artwork stands out these days. Some parts of the world–such as the vehicle wrap industry–could use more of it.

    I make a point to tell new clients that when B2B started 12 years ago, a vehicle wrap grabbed attention simply because the general public had never seen anything like it. Nowadays, every sign shop coast-to-coast is a car wrap guru. And most are attempting to include every last detail about your company. It's way too much for the consumer to digest in the 5 seconds your company vehicle is in view. It's ten pounds of potatoes in a five pound bag. Where will they look first? What will they remember? Anything at all? Our goal should be pushing consumers to your website, not regurgitating all of the content onto your Ford Aerostar.

    So is 'hip' getting overplayed? Maybe. But good design will never go away. Put it into context and decide for yourself.

    FastCo.DESIGN: What McDonald’s And Ikea Would Look Like, If Reborn As Hipster Brands


  • SEMA Show

    The SEMA Show once again brought together the automotive industry’s brightest minds, most innovative products, and hottest vehicles and concepts in the world. Imagine four jam-packed days of new product announcements, demonstrations, awards, and a sea of vehicles in every make and model. The show is THE premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world, and two B2B Media employees were fortunate to be a part of it. Jan Hillhouse, our Director of Internal Operations, represented the United Applications Standards Group (UASG), manning the organization’s booth while remotely carrying on her plethora of daily project management duties. B2B Creative Director, Sean Madden, also attended the show to see his vehicle wrap concept installed in front of thousands on the show floor.

    Madden’s vehicle wrap design on Scion’s new FR-S model was on display in Las Vegas as a part of a national contest. His design was one of four selected by UASG, Scion, and 3M Graphic Films. Entries were submitted from across North America and the winning designs were featured during installation demonstrations at the event. Sean’s Scion FR-S incorporated two of his childhood guilty pleasures, The Dukes of Hazzard and Bruce Lee. Think American pop culture mashed with Japanese origins, playing off the Toyota-owned Scion brand. The “General Lee” wrap featured 3M’s unreleased 1080 Satin Pearl White film with printed vinyl overlays. His design received praise in a post-show blog and photo gallery from highlighting the best Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ concepts seen at the SEMA Show. More than forty other Scion FR-S were featured that week at the show, and Madden’s design was one of eleven touted in the Automedia post.

    When Sean wasn’t anxiously circling the UASG booth during install, he made the best of an incredible opportunity to observe three million square feet of the world’s best vehicle graphics and products. Displays ranged from a group of superhero-themed Kias to a Carroll Shelby tribute and Acura’s latest NSX concept. Want to see SEMA through Sean’s eyes? We’ve put together a few of his photos on our Facebook page in the SEMA Show  album. Check it out and tell us your favorites. We’re a little biased, of course.

  • INC: 10 Tricks to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

    The vehicle wrap designs our graphic artists create come from a variety of inspirations…client requests, logos, brand guidelines, and our artists’ own imaginations. And sometimes creating a wrap design from scratch can be a tough task. It takes a little time, a little trial and error, and inspiration (from the craziest of places). Last week’s Inc. article from Harvey Mackay shares some tricks on how to get those creative juices flowing “when your engine stalls” and “tires are flat.” Here are a few things he suggests you do:

    • Keep a journal.
    • Search your environment for inspiration.
    • Recruit a partner.
    • Tolerate failure.
    • Release your “inner child.”

    See the full Inc. article and more tips here . What do you do for inspiration when you’re running on empty?

  • Giving Back

    Most schools have been in session for over a month, but before class began B2B had the opportunity to take part in the United Way “School Tools” program in our local community. This program provided school supplies to local elementary and middle school students of low-income families throughout our area. B2B employees took a short break from their vehicle wrap routine to focus on giving back! Through monetary gifts and donated school supplies, we were able to provide 10 students with supplies for the school year. B2B is honored to work with the United Way every year, and we wish those students (parents, too) the best of luck this fall. We’re back to the grindstone, wrapping more vehicles, but it never hurts to pause and focus on the bigger picture.

  • From Illinois to Greenville

    Dear Friends of B2B,

    I’m so excited to be writing my first blog post for B2B Media! If you’ve called us recently you’ll notice you don’t hear Justine anymore, but me, Rachel. I’m the new office manager and ready to help direct your calls or answer your questions about vehicle wraps! Before coming to B2B, I was teaching elementary school for two years. I graduated from Presbyterian College in 2009 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I’m originally from Illinois (basically the cornfields) but was recruited to play volleyball at PC, and have made Greenville my home ever since. My husband and I love this city and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!

    After three weeks of working at B2B, I can tell you that my favorite part of the job is the people. We have a very friendly staff that works so hard for our clients. I’m happy to be joining this group! But even better than the staff (sorry guys) are our clients! It’s great to see the clients coming in each day to pick up their vehicles and hear their excitement as they see the finished product. Seeing that each person here has a role in creating joy in other people’s lives makes coming to work easy and leaves me with a smile every day!

    Yours Truly, Rachel.

  • In Honor of Shark Week…

    We thought it would be appropriate to feature a VICIOUS vehicle wrap we’ve done. It won't make the Discovery Channel anytime soon, but you’ve got to admit it has some SERIOUS BITE! What better way to commemorate the week than with a SHARP, Landshark Lager Chevy SSR? As the end of summer draws near, and you sneak away for one last weekend to put your toes in the sand, just be weary of those dark waters along the horizon. We're going to play it safe by staying indoors and wrapping more KILLER vehicles (and if the sharks don't grab you, our bad puns will).

  • An Invitation to Connect

    When debating what your vehicle wrap should look like, you’ve probably considered using call-to-actions like a phone number, website or email address. June 30th is recognized as Social Media Day, and social media groups across the country are having ‘meetups’ to discuss and celebrate the growth of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. As we continue to wrap more and more vehicles, we are consistently asked to include social media icons in the wrap design. The two mentioned above are the most popular, but other platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+ are gaining ground. Our clients recognize the importance of these platforms and want to encourage consumers to ‘follow’ and ‘subscribe’ to their brand profiles. Remember our blog post about Greenville Hospital System’s Go Hunt Scan promotion and car wrap? QR (quick-response) codes are also making headway. Just try not to scan while you’re driving (or ‘text’ or ‘follow’, for that matter!).

  • You’re the Proud Owner of a New Vehicle Wrap, Now What!?

    Drive it. What good does your vehicle wrap do if it just sits in the back parking lot of your business? (Wait, what’s that you say? Yes, you’re right…) Absolutely NOTHING! Your wrap exists to promote the awareness of your brand and share with your customers what you are all about. Whether it is being shown off around town, parked in a neighborhood, or displayed at an event, your wrap can lead potential clients right to you! If your business environment doesn’t involve taking your wrapped vehicle on frequent service calls around town, hit the streets with it on your lunch break…park it in a high traffic area where it will be seen…and drive it to an event. Show off what yo’ mama gave you (or we gave you).

    Tell people about it. Ever since the great Al Gore invented the Internet in the 90’s, our world became more connected. Nowadays, social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow us to communicate with our family, friends, and customers like never before. Once you have your vehicle wrapped, why not share a picture of it on your Facebook page!? Email it? Tweet it? Or if you’re the old-fashioned type, call those friends and existing customers on the phone (or tell them in person). Who knows, your next customer could be an existing customer’s friend or acquaintance. Let them do the work for you.

    Take care of it. For the care of your new vehicle wrap, we recommend providing it healthy food/fresh water, daily vitamins like Vitamins C and D, and weekly oatmeal baths followed by a massage of assorted moisturizing oils. Easy enough? But for real, mild soaps…water...NO CAR WASH. We have a whole set of care instructions here, and we highly recommend you follow them. A little weekly TLC will go a long way in keeping your wrap in great condition.

    Integrate it. Your vehicle wrap should be a part of larger marketing or promotional efforts for your business. You want more people to call you up, email you, and buy your product or service, correct? As you are endorsing your brand, consider a direct mail piece. Or email blasts to your existing clients asking for advice, comments, or referrals. And of course, the aforementioned social media: the megaphone for word-of-mouth advertising. An integrated marketing campaign which involves outdoor advertising (your vehicle wrap), direct mail, social media, etc. simultaneously will prove wonders for your business.

    So now that your vehicle is wrapped …don’t just leave it out there to dry! Use it often. Share it with those in your network. Maintain it. And absorb it into your culture, marketing efforts, and the everyday running of your business. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Do Car Wraps Cost Too Much?

    We surely don’t think so! Think of how much time you spend on the road every week (and how much time your customers spend). And now think of how much it would cost to run a television ad, radio ad, or billboard (for a cost comparison, click here). Let’s say you paid between $1,500 and $2,500 for your vehicle wrap(s). That wrap can last 3 or more years, depending on the laminate and vinyl used. When driven around town, a vehicle wrap will generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions a day—that’s over 32 million ‘eyeballs’ looking at your wrap over that time period...and you pay for each wrap only one time. The more people that see your wrap, the more awareness you’re creating, the more likely they are to look you up online/call you, and the more opportunities you have to turn them into clients! Millions of impressions at an incredibly low cost-per-thousand. We think that’s a pretty good return on your investment.

    If your marketing or advertising budget is your main constraint, we can work with you. Your wrap’s design can be catered to your marketing needs and budget. It doesn’t have to be a fully-involved wrap with bumpers, roof, window vinyl, etc. A partial wrap will still make a powerful impact.

    Need proof? Some of the biggest brands we work worth have opted for partial wraps. Check out our Fleet Graphics Gallery for examples of these partials.

  • Biggest Reasons to Wrap Your Vehicle

    It’s a cost-efficient way to advertise your brand.
    — Compared to other forms of advertising, vehicle wraps can last for 5 years or more and run at a significantly lower CPM than TV and radio spots. You pay for your wrap one time and that brand message carries on for as long as you want it to.

    2. Vehicle wraps add mobility to your brand.With vehicle wraps, you take your brand message to your customers. There’s no waiting for them to flip to your ad in a magazine or turn on their radio at the right time. Your brand is on the roads, the highways, and in the minds of your customers. See the stats here

    3. The sky’s the limit!When it comes to what brand message you want to communicate, there are no limitations! You can include what you want to include. Your vehicle wrap design can be simple or elaborate, sleek and subtle or bold and beautiful. There are no geographic restrictions with wraps (like you see with billboards), and price is consistent from market to market.

    4. Vehicle wraps create iconic impressionsThey’re unique and memorable. Whether your wrapped vehicle is parked in a neighborhood or driving on the roads, people will notice it. Vehicle advertising is said to generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions in a day. Now isn’t that impressive!

    5. It’s easy to change your advertising messageWe have created a product that allows for changeable messages to be incorporated into your vehicle wrap’s design. It’s called AdHere. Read about it and then see it in action.

  • VW Campaign Takes a Gamble

    Volkswagen recently introduced an out-of-the box marketing ploy which allows you to make bets on beetle races. Yes, the actual insects, racing around an intricately-designed racecourse. The new Bug Run website (which serves to promote their powerful ‘Beetle Turbo’ model) even details each bug’s name and attributes, high scores, and live video of the races. Don’t think we’ll be having any beetle races at B2B anytime soon, but we felt this was a good opportunity to reflect on a few VWs from our past (a much less creepier approach).

    See the AdWeek article here .

    And may the best bug win.  

  • It’s Friday. Need A Cold One?

    If you answered yes, then all you need to do is track down this freshly wrapped “mobile taproom” we completed for Highland Brewing Company! This Asheville-based brewery showcased their van last weekend at the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF), offering their year-round and seasonal brews to an influx of thirsty patrons. With summer quickly approaching, Highland couldn’t have picked a better time to get rolling. Plus, this past week was American Craft Brew Week! How appropriate! Keep an eye out for more Highland Brewing vehicles to come.

    For more info on Highland, upcoming events, and their unique beer selection, visit Or should you pass through Asheville, be sure to take a tour of the brewery and the new tap van! Just don’t forget ‘yer kilt.

  • Bojangles Southern 500: B2B Brings the Gravy

    Recently B2B teamed up with our good friends @ Erwin-Penland to develop the official pace car for the Bojangles Southern 500 at Darlington. This hot and spicy Camry will hit national airwaves this Saturday, 5/12 at 7:00PM on Fox. Prior to the big race, the pace car toured South Carolina, stopping at selected Bojangles’ locations for photo ops, prize drawings, and Bojangles’ giveaways. Speaking of racing, we’re gonna end this blog post now and race on over to Bojangles’ for some warm Bo-berry biscuits! Hold the gravy this time.
    For more information on the race and Pace Car Tour, visit the Bojangles’ website and Facebook page .


  • Wrap of the Century

    In conjuction with Bradshaw Automotive and the Greenville Hospital System, we knocked out this Sonic in a quick 48-hour period. The wrap is a part of a community-wide digital hunt around Greenville commemorating the hospital system’s Centennial Anniversary. Beginning this Friday, the hunt requires participants to visit locations around the city, scan QR codes, and win prizes in the process. Scanning the QR code on this vehicle wrap will send you here: and will allow you to join the in on the hunt.

    B2B will actually be celebrating our own Bicentennial Anniversary this coming January. Yes you heard right; we’ve been around for 200 years. Before QR codes. Before cars even existed. Back then, we had to walk uphill to work both ways…in the snow.

  • Chuck 97.7 FM Vehicle Wrap

    Some of our favorite wrap projects are those for local radio stations, the most recent being with COX Media Group’s newest station in Greenville, Chuck 97.7 FM. They’re usually some of the most outrageously eye catching wraps we do – spunky yet effective in communicating their brand. For Chuck, we actually rewrapped one of COX Media’s older HOT 98.1 Jeeps. The removal process went smoothly and at the end of the day, COX got their Chuck FM wrap with no interruptions to their promotional schedule. We urge you to tune in to Chuck for some Prince, Aerosmith, or even a little Dolly Parton (if you’re lucky). And speaking of “9 to 5”, be sure to catch their live stream

    With ChuckFM’s “commercial-free workday”, they offer the same thing that we do: no interruptions.


  • B2B Makes Cameo in Verizon Tampa Ads

    Yet again, B2B Media makes a cameo appearance on the big screen. Well, television screen, that is. First it was Gossip Girl in New York City. Next it was the Conan O'Brien show in Los Angeles. This time it's for Verizon FiOS in the state of Florida. These two commercials have been running since December, giving our FiOS vans some significant air time. 

    Just like the Gossip Girl appearance, our vans in these videos were part of B2B's largest promotional wrap project to date. After several television roles in only a few months, we anticipate being featured in a billion dollar Summer blockbuster pretty soon. Twilight who? If FiOS techs can conquer NYC and LA, vampires should be no problem at all.

  • Blink and You'll Miss It

    Our work has been known to paralyze the senses (in a good way) so do your best to ignore the creepy facial expression. What we really want you to see is the Verizon FiOS van in the background making its acting debut in a recent episode of Gossip Girl. This scene was shot in NYC and the van was part of B2B's largest promotional wrap project to date (Summer 2010). Hollywood, here we come.

  • A Saucy Marketing Approach

    There's great barbeque all across the United States, and here in the South we definitely have our opinions as to what great barbeque should be. So naturally our taste buds took notice when an opportunity to work with one of our favorite smoke houses became reality in late 2011. Vehicle wraps are currently in production for Dickey's Barbecue franchisees across the country and B2B is excited to help their new marketing campaign unfold. One hot example is this Honda CRV in Sparks, Nevada. Can't you smell what B2B is cookin'?


  • Run, Forest, Run!

    Forrest Gump’s best friend, Bubba, was from Bayou la Batrie, Alabama, and his mama cooked shrimp. Dan Forest’s newest companion, “Bubba1”, doesn’t offer much to the shrimpin' business but sure makes a bold statement on the roads and highways of North Carolina. And unlike Forrest Gump, Dan Forest won’t be riding this bus to school. He’s taking it around the Tarheel state campaigning in the 2012 Lt. Governor's race. We’re beaming with joy at the opportunity to be a part of his campaign and wish Dan the best of luck in November. Dan’s Facebook and Twitter profiles are already blowing up with sightings of Bubba1, check them out!

    <And in our best Tom Hanks/Forrest Gump accent> “That’s all we have to say about that.”

  • The Thread of Success

    For those of you that haven’t heard of George Hincapie (celebrity cyclist/5 Olympic Games/8 Tour de France team wins alongside Lance Armstrong), us Greenvillians are proud to call him ours. Since relocating to Greenville over a decade ago, George and his Hincapie Sportswear crew have been vital in the development of Greenville’s cycling community. Not only have we seen bike lanes and trails carved throughout the city, Greenville has also been home to the USA Pro Cycling Championships since 2006. But when George is not changing the landscape of his hometown or designing cutting-edge cycling gear, he now lends his time and talents to the development of young cyclists from around the world. The BMC Hincapie Sportswear Development Cycling Team was instated a few years back and B2B is happy to be part of their growth. See video of the team

  • Highlights of 2011

    Well another year is in the books! B2B steam-rolled through significant company changes in 2011 and the future is brighter than ever. Now under the ownership of Vomela Corporation, B2B Media has an extended network of affiliates and endless possibilities at our fingertips. We are excited about the opportunities we have before us and proud to be a part of the Vomela family.

    2011 began with the Verizon FiOS promotional messaging campaign, where Verizon’s AdHere-equipped fleet vehicles went through a change out of panel inserts. With B2B’s assistance in notifying the field with conference calls, post card reminders and direct calls to garages, it made the change out process a breeze for the Verizon field managers. The AdHere panel inserts have been an economical way for Verizon to get new promotions and offerings out to the field. They love the versatility that AdHere offers to their mobile media advertising and media plan, as a whole.

    In June, we hosted the Vomela Leadership Meeting with the heads of all Vomela affiliates in our offices. The team spent a few days discussing strategy and direction for the company and exploring the beautiful city of Greenville. They even managed to take a break to enjoy the BMW Driving Experience, an exhilarating entertainment feature our area has to offer.

    The past year brought us many new clients like Moe’s Southwest Grill, Mediacom, Hertz, Dickey’s Barbeque, and Greenville Hospital System, along with many returning clients like Verizon, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Interim Healthcare, Goodwill Industries, and Corley Plumbing. We appreciate the loyalty from our existing clients as well as the commitment from those just beginning their mobile media campaigns.

    After an eventful year we are ready to take the bull by the horns in 2012.

  • No Sleep 'til Greenville

    When you’re working with one of the largest advertisers in the United States it's important to be on top of your game. To throw a few statistics at you, our project with YP.COM consisted of wrapping 941 vehicles in 24 different cities in 16 states. All to be completed between May and August. The B2B install crew averaged 10-12 vehicles per night, grabbed a few hours of beauty rest, then drove to the next location (or state) to do it all over again. This much travel time away from home can take a toll but our crew always returns with a smile. A big thanks goes out for another successful B2B run!

  • B2B Wins Approval of Team Coco

    The office night owls were pumped to catch a glimpse of our recent work for Time Warner on an episode of 'Conan'. Conan O'Brien decided to visit a Time Warner Cable Service Center on one of his show segments, where he learned the ins and outs of the cable service business.

  • Chicken Crosses S.C. Roads

    B2B was proud to team up with Erwin-Penland Advertising and Bojangles this month for the restaurant’s new “Cruisin’ South Carolina” project. Be on the lookout – the newly-wrapped RV will travel the state promoting special prices and giving away 100 Bahamas cruises at 100 different Bojangles locations. This is just one of EP's brand new "Cruisin' SC" commercials. Try not to salivate.

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