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  • Green Fleet: Verizon Rolls Out 25 ‘MAGIC’ Buses in NYC

    With the third largest commercial fleet in the U.S., Verizon realized the need to reduce their overall carbon footprint. As a part of their long-standing commitment to sustainability, they recently took an innovative approach to greening the streets of New York City: 25 ‘MAGIC’ buses –which B2B had the opportunity to provide vehicle wraps for! The ‘MAGIC’ bus fleet, which stands for Mobile Area Garage Installation Center, transports company technicians to and from job sites – removing some 250 technician trucks from the roads and freeing up parking spots all over. The bus program itself is being touted as “smarter, more efficient” and the “first of its kind”. For a full recap of the ‘MAGIC’ bus system, check out the article in Green Fleet Magazine (and watch the video below!).

  • Are you too hip?

    This FastCo.DESIGN article (and parody) on the recent vintage design trend adds some new perspective. Yes, this direction is very prevalent in the latest design magazines and advertising awards. Anyone with a MacBook Pro and dark framed glasses is already bored with it. But, when it boils down, clean artwork stands out these days. Some parts of the world–such as the vehicle wrap industry–could use more of it.

    I make a point to tell new clients that when B2B started 12 years ago, a vehicle wrap grabbed attention simply because the general public had never seen anything like it. Nowadays, every sign shop coast-to-coast is a car wrap guru. And most are attempting to include every last detail about your company. It's way too much for the consumer to digest in the 5 seconds your company vehicle is in view. It's ten pounds of potatoes in a five pound bag. Where will they look first? What will they remember? Anything at all? Our goal should be pushing consumers to your website, not regurgitating all of the content onto your Ford Aerostar.

    So is 'hip' getting overplayed? Maybe. But good design will never go away. Put it into context and decide for yourself.

    FastCo.DESIGN: What McDonald’s And Ikea Would Look Like, If Reborn As Hipster Brands


  • SEMA Show

    The SEMA Show once again brought together the automotive industry’s brightest minds, most innovative products, and hottest vehicles and concepts in the world. Imagine four jam-packed days of new product announcements, demonstrations, awards, and a sea of vehicles in every make and model. The show is THE premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world, and two B2B Media employees were fortunate to be a part of it. Jan Hillhouse, our Director of Internal Operations, represented the United Applications Standards Group (UASG), manning the organization’s booth while remotely carrying on her plethora of daily project management duties. B2B Creative Director, Sean Madden, also attended the show to see his vehicle wrap concept installed in front of thousands on the show floor.

    Madden’s vehicle wrap design on Scion’s new FR-S model was on display in Las Vegas as a part of a national contest. His design was one of four selected by UASG, Scion, and 3M Graphic Films. Entries were submitted from across North America and the winning designs were featured during installation demonstrations at the event. Sean’s Scion FR-S incorporated two of his childhood guilty pleasures, The Dukes of Hazzard and Bruce Lee. Think American pop culture mashed with Japanese origins, playing off the Toyota-owned Scion brand. The “General Lee” wrap featured 3M’s unreleased 1080 Satin Pearl White film with printed vinyl overlays. His design received praise in a post-show blog and photo gallery from Automedia.com highlighting the best Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ concepts seen at the SEMA Show. More than forty other Scion FR-S were featured that week at the show, and Madden’s design was one of eleven touted in the Automedia post.

    When Sean wasn’t anxiously circling the UASG booth during install, he made the best of an incredible opportunity to observe three million square feet of the world’s best vehicle graphics and products. Displays ranged from a group of superhero-themed Kias to a Carroll Shelby tribute and Acura’s latest NSX concept. Want to see SEMA through Sean’s eyes? We’ve put together a few of his photos on our Facebook page in the SEMA Show  album. Check it out and tell us your favorites. We’re a little biased, of course.

  • INC: 10 Tricks to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

    The vehicle wrap designs our graphic artists create come from a variety of inspirations…client requests, logos, brand guidelines, and our artists’ own imaginations. And sometimes creating a wrap design from scratch can be a tough task. It takes a little time, a little trial and error, and inspiration (from the craziest of places). Last week’s Inc. article from Harvey Mackay shares some tricks on how to get those creative juices flowing “when your engine stalls” and “tires are flat.” Here are a few things he suggests you do:

    • Keep a journal.
    • Search your environment for inspiration.
    • Recruit a partner.
    • Tolerate failure.
    • Release your “inner child.”

    See the full Inc. article and more tips here . What do you do for inspiration when you’re running on empty?

  • Giving Back

    Most schools have been in session for over a month, but before class began B2B had the opportunity to take part in the United Way “School Tools” program in our local community. This program provided school supplies to local elementary and middle school students of low-income families throughout our area. B2B employees took a short break from their vehicle wrap routine to focus on giving back! Through monetary gifts and donated school supplies, we were able to provide 10 students with supplies for the school year. B2B is honored to work with the United Way every year, and we wish those students (parents, too) the best of luck this fall. We’re back to the grindstone, wrapping more vehicles, but it never hurts to pause and focus on the bigger picture.

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