We are now a part of The Vomela Companies - Transportation Group and will be closing our physical location @ 34 Ellwood Court in Mauldin very soon. But not to fear! We are still here to help you with your fleet graphics needs. Contact us at 864-627-1992 or claire.richards@vomela.com


We're B2B Media and we'd like to put you in the driver's seat to mobilize your brand and advertising. Vehicle wraps allow you to take advantage of opportunities already on the table and ensure the message your fleet is communicating is by design.

Vehicle graphics are one of the most effective and cost efficient forms of branding & advertising (see the research here) available, and they extend your brand’s voice to the highways, businesses and neighborhoods of your customers. 

When driven around town or parked near a busy intersection, a wrapped vehicle can attract the attention of 15,000—35,000 consumers per day depending on the size of your market. 

That’s unbeatable advertising and exposure for your business. Vehicle wraps can increase sales, brand recognition, and drive potential customers right to you. At B2B, we can provide personalized design, production, and installation of vinyl graphics for fleets, vehicles, and trailers nationwide. Together we’ll turn your fleet or vehicle’s blank canvas into a marketing machine.

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